Accounting and consulting services


Buldes 2006 Ltd. offers a complete range of accounting services for your company, divided into several modules:

Accounting services
  • Module "Accounting"
    Includes preparation of accounting policy and individual chart of accounts, tailored to the needs of your activity, current accounting of primary accounting documents, submission of monthly VAT returns, preparation and filing of intrastat declarations, warehouse accounting and inventory, reporting, revaluation and amortization of fixed assets, preparation of interim and annual financial statements according to IFRS, National Accounting Standards and US GAAP, annual tax returns, annual accounting closure, electronic filing of data to NRA. Specific analysis and reporting, according to customer needs. Consulting and timely notification of changes to the legislation concerning your business.

  • Module "Human Resources and Payroll"
    Administration of the recruitment processes, maintaining of your work files and records, preparation and reporting of references, declarations and supporting documents concerning the employment relations with the personnel, reporting to the NRA and NSSI.
  • Module "Consulting Services"
    We can provide timely information about the constantly changing business legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria, which facilitates business management and decision-making. We can advise you on tax and insurance legislation, optimization of tax liabilities and any other problem regarding your business in Bulgaria.
  • Module "Additional Services"
    Preparation of invoices and payment orders, VAT registration, statistical forms, reports to the BNB, preparation of the necessary documents when applying for credit, recommendations and selection of software utilities to the customer.

Why choose an external accounting service provider?

   The need for high quality accounting services is indisputable. Providing correct and quality accounting is a guarantee that your company works smoothly. There are several types of accounting services, but in recent years outsourcing accounting is gaining in popularity. Many companies define this option of accounting services with quality, benefit and convenience for them.

Some of the main reasons why most companies would like to outsource bookkeeping are:

  • You pay too much for accounting and bookkeeping services
    Hiring a full-time accountant to keep the company's accounts can be expensive (salary and social security contributions). Also the hired accountant may not be sufficiently qualified. Outsourcing this activity can give you access to a number of more qualified accounting services. In addition, it can significantly reduce the cost for your business.
  • Your business is growing
    As your business grows, you will find that your needs are changing, and what has worked for you in the past may no longer be the best way to continue. Outsourcing your accounting services gives you much more flexibility. It can give you access to a higher level of knowledge that an on-site accountant won’t be able to provide.
  • Representation of the client's interests before the NRA
    A good accounting firm will not leave you alone to contact the tax authorities or other government institutions. The accounting service provider with many years of experience knows how to respond to inspections to protect the client's interests. Communication with the tax authorities has its own specifics, so it makes sense to choose an accounting firm with good enough skills to communicate with the NRA.
  • Specifics of accounting in different economic sectors
    When choosing an accounting firm for your business, make sure you are dealing with a company that has knowledge of your specific business. This is crucial to make sure that the company's accounting is kept correctly, as well as to achieve maximum efficiency for your business.

   We at accounting company Buldes 2006 Ltd. have a highly qualified team to meet all your needs for accounting services.

   Pricing is individually tailored to the specific characteristics of your company. In order to prepare a specific offer for accounting services, we need to know your business and especially the following four factors - VAT registration, type of activity (services, trade, production, non-profit activity), number of documents per month (purchases and sales), number of insured persons (labor contracts, management and control contracts, civil contracts and self-insured persons).

   For more information and preparation of individual offer, please contact us!

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